The Project

Listen to the Sirens | Space for Contemporary Art is a project that has grown out of collaboration between the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Gibraltar and Little Constellation Network for Contemporary Art in small states and geo-political micro-areas in Europe, based in the Republic of San Marino.
Listen to the Sirens is therefore a cultural dialogue between two territories that share a common path of research and interest in contemporary visual culture: San Marino and Gibraltar.

The project entails the creation, within the historic eighteenth-century bastions that surround Gibraltar, of the first Project Space in the small British territory. In particular, the Government of Gibraltar has made available the prestigious Montagu Bastion, specially renovated for the occasion.

Listen to the Sirens | Space for Contemporary Art is a space for viewing and listening. Attracted by the sound of the sirens, often the visions of our present, the images we continually produce and their contents, are confused, flawed, incapable of embodying key values, such as slowness and complexity within their construction or use.
Listen to the Sirens is a project by Rita Canarezza and Pier Paolo Coro, based on the reappropriation of this capacity for interpretation, through an exhibition program based on continuous dialogue between the artists of the Little Constellation network and artists who live and work in Gibraltar.

The activity of this centre for contemporary art is curated by Rita Canarezza & Pier Paolo Coro, the founding artists of Little Constellation, and Alessandro Castiglioni, curator of Little Constellation.

The logo of Listen to the Sirens | Space for Contemporary Art is by Studio Mousse (Milan). It epitomizes aspects of identity of place: the form evokes a mermaid’s tail, but also two strips of land almost touching each other, evoking the Strait of Gibraltar or the two mountains that characterize the geographic profiles of Gibraltar and San Marino.

The activity involved in Listen to the Sirens | Space for Contemporary Art began in May 2014 with an experimental program that sees the alternation of international and Gibraltar artists with the aim of establishing the first research activities and artistic production of space. This activity will have a moment of synthesis in the summer of 2015 with a major exhibition devoted to the Little Constellation artists operating in the small states and geo-political micro-areas of Europe, who will be invited to Gibraltar for the first time.